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Thick Ada Binding for OpenGL

The GLFW 2.x Binding

Important: The GLFW 2.x binding is not actively maintained and you are encouraged to switch to GLFW 3.

This is a binding for the GLFW library, version 2.x. Most subprograms map directly to the GLFW C API, so you can use the GLFW API documentation as guide. The binding has two primary subpackages:


This is the interface to the GLFW window. It provides functionality to open, manipulate and close a windowed or fullscreen OpenGL surface with front and back buffer.


This Package contains the child packages Mouse, Keys and Joysticks to access human interface devices.

Excluded Features

GLFW 2.x has a number of features that are not included in this binding. These are:

Supported GLFW versions

This binding has been tested with GLFW versions 2.7.6 and 2.7.7. It should work with older versions, but there is no guarantee.