an HTML templating engine for Nim

Project Status

This was my very first Nim project, the goal was to test the versatility of Nim's macro system. It worked quite well.

Since I never went on to actually do something with it, this is now just code I myself do not really know anymore. I also don't have the time to maintain the project, so it is unmaintained. Use at your own risk.


emerald is a Nim library for writing HTML 5 templates. It is implemented as a domain-specific language that can be used directly in your Nim source code via macros. Features include:

  • HTML validation : emerald validates your HTML structure when it compiles your template. This validation checks for unknown, ill-placed and missing HTML tags and attributes, but does not implement the whole HTML 5 spec. It is a tool for you to discover errors early.
  • Mixins : You can re-use parts of your template code by placing it in mixins and calling the mixin from the template. emerald is able to check the whole resulting HTML structure.
  • Filtering : By default, emerald converts special HTML characters in the content it outputs to their corresponding entities, but you can customize the whole filter chain and also write your own filters.
  • Inheritance : Templates can inherit from other templates. You can define your base structure in a master template, and add content with child templates. emerald is still able to check the whole resulting HTML structure.

To get started with emerald, have a look at the tutorial or learn it the hard way by reading the documentation.

Authors & License

emerald has been created by Felix Krause, is licensed under the Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License and can be forked on Github.

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